Chameleon Production


The Young Chameleon groups are for children and young people aged between  3 & 17. These sessions take place every Saturday (Term time only ) at Hockley and Hawkwell Methodist Church between 10am & 2pm. 

The Adult Group is for anyone 18+, taking place at Hullbridge Community Centre, every Wednesday, 8pm - 10pm. 

Online or Private Sessions is for anyone who would like one to one sessions either individually or as a group. 

Mini Chameleons
3 - 7 Year Olds
10am - 11am
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The Mini Chameleons start to learn basic drama skills through an array of drama games and activities. Social and interactive skills will be developed and new friendships will be formed in these weekly fun drama sessions. The Mini Chameleon's will perform in an end of year showcase and will be able to audition for Chameleon Main House Performances

Junior Chameleons
8 - 10 Year Olds
11am - 12pm

The Junior Chameleons further develop their drama skills and explore their imaginative side in more depth. They will be given the opportunity to question the world around them and consider the points of view of others using an array of stimuli. Social and interactive life skills will be further developed as well as  the individual's confidence. Junior Chameleon's will be given the opportunity to audition for Chameleon Main House Performances as well as participating in an end of year showcase.

Young Teen Chameleons
11 - 13 Year Olds
12pm - 1pm

Young Teen Chameleons explore themes and issues through drama. They will learn different styles of drama and learn to work independently, in pairs and in small groups. Young Teen Chameleon's will develop in-depth characters, learn empathy  through role-play and improvisation and be able to discuss different points of view in an open and safe environment. Young Teen Chameleon's will be given the opportunity to audition for Chameleon Main House Performances, Charity productions and will participate in an end of year showcase.

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 Teen Chameleons
14 - 17 Year Olds
1pm - 2pm

The Teen Chameleons will be able to explore themes and issues relevant in today's society through different styles of drama. They will also learn about different job roles within the theatre and build on their theatrical knowledge. There is more of an emphasis on ownership of work as Teen Chameleon's take more responsibility for performance work produced. There will also be a focus on being able to analyse drama work and offer constructive criticism with justification in order to develop future performances. These sessions support the National Curriculum GCSE Drama Syllabus. Teen Chameleon's will be given the opportunity to audition for Chameleon Main House Performances, Charity productions and will participate in an end of year showcase.     

Online or Private Sessions
Any Age
Time & Day to Suit

The online classes or private one to one sessions cater for drama students who require support with GCSE or A Level exams. These sessions are also suitable for young actors wanting guidance in the preparation of audition pieces for Drama School, University, College or for both amateur and professional productions. A 20 minute FREE consultation is available to ensure that your requirements are met and the sessions are designed to meet your needs. Along with Acting, Directing and Playwriting sessions are also available. All sessions take place either online or in your own home. Please check the calendar for availability when booking your sessions. 

Adult Chameleons
18+ Years Old
8pm - 10pm
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For Adult Chameleons it is all about performance and social activities. Chameleon Productions opens its doors to anyone wanting to participate in live performances and try their hand in any of the roles essential in creating a live performance such as acting, set building, directing and stage management. Adult Chameleon's can be involved as much or as little as they want to. This is a great way to socialise and meet other people within the local community. As well as performing in shows there will be social events throughout the year, ensuring that Chameleon Productions is more than just a theatre company, it's a family. There are two options to join the Adult Chameleon's, Full Membership and Associate Membership, both of which have their own Member Benefits.