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Terms & Conditions

Please read the following carefully to ensure a happy membership with Chameleon Productions

Chameleon Productions' sessions run in conjunction with Essex County Council school terms. 

1. Membership Fees

List Title

The first introductory session for all new potential Chameleon members is less than half price. This fee is payable on thre day of the session or by direct bank transfer. 



Should your child not wish to become a full member after attending the introductory session, you must notify Chameleon Productions in writing at confirming that your child does not wish to continue. Notice should be received no later than 5 days after the introductory session. 


Should no notification in 1.2 above be received by Chameleon Productions we will assume you are happy for your child to continue and will be invoiced accordingly. 


If notification is not given following the introductory session and it transpires that any potential young member is not going to continue with the company, you are liable for the first half term's fees as this place could be offered to another potential member on the waiting list. 


Fees are payable in advance according to the dates set out in your invoice. 


When you become a full member of Chameleon Productions, there are 4 payment options:-

  • Option 1:- Full Yearly Payment

  • Option 2:- Monthly Payments (Full Yearly Subscription spread over 10 months via standing order)

  • Option 3:- Half Yearly Payments (Fees payable twice a year: January & June)

  • Option 4:- School Term Payments (Fees payable 3 times a year : January, April, September)


A 5% discount will be applied to all members who choose to pay fees using option 1.


Payments accepted by direct bank transfer, standing order, cheque or cash.


There are no introductory sessions for Adult members.


Once an invoice has been paid, no refunds will be given. 


Missed sessions are still chargeable. 


Punctuality is important due to the nature and structure of the workshops. All members (young and adult) must arrive promptly to their workshops.


Prompt collection of children following workshops is important. Supervision of children following their workshops. is difficult and although Chameleon Staff will endeavour to ensure that all children on the premises are safe, it is ultimately the responsibility of the parent or appointed adult to arrive on time. If a problem arises which will result in a late pick up, please contact Steve Hulse on 07368461766. 


If a child is unable to make a workshop please notify Steve Hulse on 07368461766 immediately.


Appropriate clothing must be worn to all workshops and rehearsals for practicality and safety. Inappropriate dress may result in a member not being able to participate in certain activities. Appropriate clothing includes soft shoes or trainers, trousers, jogging bottoms and T-Shirts. 


Mobile Phones must be kept on silent and left in a closed bag at the side of the hall. 


At no point during a workshop must a member or anyone else sitting in on the session use a mobile, tablet, video camera or any other recording device to record any of the activities taking place. Images or recorded material must not be uploaded to the internet by Chameleon Members or anyone else sitting in on a session. 


At no point during a workshop must a member or anyone else sitting in on the session use a mobile, tablet, video camera or any other recording device to record any of the activities taking place. Images or recorded material must not be uploaded to the internet by Chameleon Members or anyone else sitting in on a session. 


During workshops and rehearsals, with the exception of water, food and drink must not be consumed. Chewing gum, smoking and the use of or being under the influence of illigal substances is strictly forbidden. 


Bullying, verbal abuse or any other offensive behaviour will not be tolerated by anyone associated  with a Chameleon Production activity, including members, parents, audience members, patrons and staff. 


Students personal belongings are there own responsibility and Chameleon Productions can accept no liability for lost or damaged belongings. 


All young members who attend the Saturday sessions are eligible to audition for any youth Chameleon Production. 


Any fully paid adult members are eligible to audition for any adult Chameleon Production. 


The Artistic Director will ensure that all students are aware of auditions and expectations for auditions. Should a student be absent when these announcements take place all efforts will be made to convey the relevant information to the absentees. 


Audition information will be available on the company website and through social media. 


Due to the nature of auditions not all members will be cast in every production. 


All members will have the opportunity to perform in a Chameleon Productions Showcase.

For members cast in a Chameleon Production a one-off show fee of £10 is applicable per show. 



Chameleon Productions will audition and rehearse their youth shows on a different day to the standard workshops between 4.30pm and 6pm and all cast members are expected to attend according to their rehearsal schedule. 


We reserve the rights to change these  times subject to a minimum of 24 hours' notice being given. 


Where possible, Chameleon Productions will provide costume/props for productions. However, we may require parents/carers and adult members to support in sourcing these items for our productions. 


All costumes, props and any other material provided by Chameleon Productions, remains the property of the company, unless otherwise stated. 


All cast members must attend rehearsal on time. 


During rehearsals the same rules in terms of dress, food, drink and respect towards others apply as with the workshop sessions. 


During rehearsals the use of recording devices as laid out in 2.6 is strictly prohibited. 


Confidentiality is of the upmost importance to us and any personal details will be available to Chameleon Productions Staff and no third parties .


Chameleon Productions will share images of Chameleon workshops and events, including rehearsals and show performances in promotional material, on our website and through social media. If you, your child or a member of your family would prefer not to appear in marketing material, please advise us on your application form. 

2. Company Expectations

3. Company Performances

4. Confidentiality

5. Health and Injuries


Students participate at their own risk and are obliged to inform Chameleon Productions staff of any existing injuries or medical conditions. All application forms must have any known medical conditions stated and any changes to such information must be notified to Chameleon Productions immediately in writing. 


Any medication bought with the students to their session must be clearly labelled and the student should be able to administer it themselves, unless it has been otherwise agreed in writing with Chameleon Productions Artistic Director. 


If a student becomes unwell or requires medical treatment during one of the sessions, the parent/carer will be contacted via the emergency contact details provided on the membership form. The number must always be contactable whilst a student is attending a Chameleon session. 


It is the responsibility of the parent or adult member to advise us of any changes to the details given on the application form, including medical/health issues and emergency contact details. 

Payment of fees and membership to Chameleon Productions means that you (Adult Members) or you and your child (Young Members) accept, in full, the terms and conditions laid out here by Chameleon Productions. 

We reserve the rights to change these terms and conditions. 

The terms and conditions shall be governed by the laws of England and Wales. 

Please email all completed forms to

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