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Steve Hulse taught me many valuable lessons in regards to performance and acting which I have taken with me not only throughout my working career but also through my life. I gained a huge amount of knowledge & understanding of theatre by working with Steve. I would not hesitate in recommending Steve and his theatre company to people of all ages who have a passion for the arts.
Steve made performing fun, it was a pleasure to be involved in his productions as he got the very best out of anyone he worked with.  The lessons, experiences and memories gained by being in the company of Steve are with me for the rest of my life.
                Many thanks Steve                                

Kyle Springford

(Student  1998 - 2005)

As Both a GCSE and now A Level drama student, I am in awe every time I watch one of Steve's productions - they are so spectacular and professional, can't wait for Steve to start producing again!


 Amelia Moffat


The effort that goes into Steve's productions is evident in the most amazing performances, they are an absolute pleasure to watch. I can't wait for Chameleon Productions to be up and running so we are able yet again to watch Steve pull together another amazing show.

Jacqueline Griffiths


Mr Hulse has displayed great personal integrity and utmost professionalism at all times in his work with both of our sons. As a Teacher, Mr Hulse has shone as a hard-working, highly dedicated professional. One fully committed to the highest standards in his endeavours. Indeed, we would like to state the very high regard for Mr Hulse across the local community for the contribution in his service of our children.                                       
Mark & Maria Irving
 (Parents 2011 - 2017)
 I have always been a huge fan of acting and my passion only grew when being taught by Mr Hulse. I have absolute admiration for my drama teacher. I had been taught by Mr Hulse throughout my entire school life. It was a pleasure to be taught by him and I would always look forward to his lessons. He cared about his students whole heartedly.He is so dedicated and hardworking. He was always passionate about helping his students. I strongly believe anyone who has been taught by Mr Hulse has only ever been impacted by him in a positive way and any student is lucky to have him as a teacher.
Esme Burrett  
(Student 2011 - 2017)
Steve was very professional and put a lot into playing the role. He is very talented and gave a really intense and realistic performance
Ash Gamon; Director 
  (Wicked Experiences 2018) 
Mr Hulse is a very passionate and dedicated teacher whose sole devotion is to ensure his students achieve their full potential in drama. Over the years he has sacrificed his personal time to guide his students during lessons and to direct many acclaimed school plays. I am currently studying A-Level Drama and I will be studying  Drama and Performance at university. I intend to break into the acting industry as a career afterwards. I credit my love of acting to Mr Hulse's drama lessons.
Sonny Simonelli
(Student 2011 - 2017)
Mr Hulse is a committed, passionate drama teacher who is known by all to give everything he has to any production. He has always wanted the best for his students and shows this through his commitment to his projects. I received an A in my GCSE drama, due fully to the time and effort put in by Mr Hulse.    
    Jacob Heley   
(Student 2011 - 2017)
I found Drama Teacher Steve Hulse was an asset to my school. His annual productions of Bugsy Malone, Little Shop of Horrors and We Will Rock You were not only a fantastic standard, they offered the avenue of theatrical experience and inspiration for us young drama students alike. The rehearsals offered a happy, enjoyable  and safe place to be in an after school club  structure, and even now at the age of 23 I look back on those times with fond memories. His kindness, energy and ability to guide and inspire is   something that has    always stood  out in my mind.  
(2006 - 2011)
There are not enough words to explain how outstanding Steve Hulse was. He was the best teacher I could've ever asked for, he inspired me so much with my development into the performing arts and supported my application into university as much as he could. I have just completed my degree at University in Performing Arts at a 2:1 grade standard; completing my performance dissertation on 82%. All of this I can thank Steve for, supporting me through my progress and really helping me find my love of the Performing Arts Industry. His inspiration and support is why I will go on to become a drama and dance teacher myself, using his teaching skills as my inspiration; as I hope to inspire children the way he inspired me.           
Georgia Barclay  
(Student 2013 - 2015)           
I struggled at school due to various issues, with this Mr Hulse took that into account.I never spoke about my issues, he just knew I was struggling and wasn't slacking due to laziness which was comforting.He would help me with my work, he would find a way to make it easier for me and still make sure I would have the best possible marks I can get.By Mr Hulse making it more comfortable for me, it helped with my confidence and I left with a really good grade. Until this day I am very grateful to have had a teacher like Mr Hulse, he never gave up on me and kept me going that bit more.  
Natasha Guichard
(Student 2008 - 2015)
I have taken my family to see 3 of Steve's Christmas Shows, and on each occasion have been really impressed with the production quality and overall professionalism. His shows are now my preferred choice over the Cliffs Pavilion pantos.
Peter Mansfield

I can honestly say that having met and worked with Mr Stephen Hulse that he is a true professional that cares deeply about his job and the people he works with.

I first met him when he taught my daughter and her friends over several years at her secondary school. I know for a fact that he was a true inspiration to them all. Not only within the school timetable but during the many productions that he directed and produced with them. These productions were always of the highest standard and a real joy to watch. He instilled discipline and a real sense of joy into every show.

He is incredibly creative, hard working, dedicated, talented and above all a lovely chap to know.


David Streames 

(Parent 2006 - 2013)

Mr Hulse influenced me through his drama lessons and because of this I am a stronger and more confident person. I looked up to him as a teacher because he was so driven to helping others even if they weren't in his class or taking his subject. He always gave me the right advise and always guided me and others in the right direction. His productions were absolutely amazing and even when I had left my school, I often returned to support the productions as a stage manager, always being made to feel welcome. He is an amazing teacher.
Ria Hubbard
(Student 2006 - 2013)
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