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The Great British Bump Off


Maximum of

6 per table

As baking fever hits the country, the village fete organisers in the village of Crabblebottom are preparing for their annual confectionary competition. We meet various villagers in the run-up and the competition as well as celebrity chef, Eduardo D'Angelo. 

This year there is a change of plan, as the bake-off turns into a bump-off with one of the judges being murdered! All of those present have a possible motive and are potential suspects, but only one is the murderer. Detective Sam is on hand, but can't solve the mystery by himself. Their fete is in your hands!

PNG 04-01.png
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The Cost

Murder Mystery Only = £12.50 per head

Murder Mystery + Fish & Chip Supper = £20 per head


Murder Mystery Performance

Fish & Chips (optional)


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